Tuesday, May 24

Because Vinnie Asked...

... I will cite that one scene both of us liked in Episode III was the scene where Mace Windu (Samuel Jackson) meets his fate. I never really liked Windu in the previous prequels- he was just too distant, always just standing back and rubbing his chin. It took that appearance in the Clone Wars cartoons (where he basically beats up an entire droid army by himself) to make me kinda like him. His part in ROTS made me like him even more- not only because he was able to kick Palpatine's butt, but he was actually the turning point of the entire conflict. If ONLY Anakin stayed true to him- earned his trust and obeyed that simple order to stay put- the Sith Lord would be dead and the galaxy saved. Maybe.

Anyway, I'd like to think that maybe Master Windu survived his getting blasted by evil electricity and thrown off into the wild blue yonder. Yep... crippled but alive, he slinks off to retire in exile, and have a son... named Lando (who changes his last name to Calrissian since Lando Windu just sounds wrong). Heh.

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