Monday, April 17

Post Holiday Funk

Break's over and it's back to work. Well, kinda. The crew at The Salt Mines are having an out-of-office brainstorming, so it's kinda-sorta work but not too constrained to the usual setting, which I guess is a great way to ease into the daily grind. I'm still a bit woozy from my daily Suikoden V marathons (review to follow) and being virtually having Pepsi Max fed to me intravenously.
Funny enough, I managed to write not one but THREE versions of the Last Angel script/storyline, of which one I'm kinda-sorta-pretty much going for, but not 100 percent into. We'll see when I finally get down to drawing the actual pages, hopefully within the week or so.

Yesterday, I went with Cams and the old Quest Gang to attend Vin and Andrew's housewarming over in Ortigas. It was literally a housewarming since all of us were sweating like actors in the movie A Time To Kill. Definitely an air conditioner would be a welcome addition to their nest. Anyway, we had delicious pancit malabon and the usual KFC to sate our hunger along with the night's conversations and intriguing Q&A's. Cool stuff.

Sigh. I need a vacation again. Oh well.

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