Monday, May 22


Yesterday me and my buddy Pot went off to Greenhills to watch The Da Vinci Code. Well, I went in without reading the book but I pretty much knew what it was all about.... which honestly KILLS a lot of the film's power. I mean, EVERYONE by now knows what the big hullaballoo is about, so when it's finally said in the movie there's no surprise.

The Da Vinci Code is in the same vein as past 'conspiracy' thriller movies like The Pelican Brief or The Firm- featuring a bookish, non-combative hero trying to piece together the truth while being pursued by an assassin or what not. In this case, it's symbolism expert Robert Langdon played by Tom Hanks, running all throughout Europe with French beauty Audrey Tatou, trying to solve the mystery of the death of the Louvre's curator. On the way, they get caught up in the ages old search for the Holy Grail and 'one of the greatest cover-ups in human history'. Paul Bettany plays the baddie- a creepy, self-flagellating monk and assassin, taking orders from a sinister bishop played by Alfred Molina. Stealing the show from the moment you first hear his voice to his last second onscreen is Sir Ian McKellen.

Depending on the viewer things like the Knights Templar, the Grail myths, supposed Vatican conspiracies and the Opus Dei may be of interest. The film doesn't really do action too well, with a horribly-shot 'car chase' scene early on and just a few tussles on the way. All suspense and tension disappears about a half hour before the film ends, which is kinda iffy. If you're not too much into these things, you may get bored... bored enough to sleep, honestly.

I myself watched the film from beginning to end without mishap, and the final revelation was kinda cool but not mind-blowing. I didn't find myself questioning my faith or even hankering to get a copy of the book. For something so talked about and hyped, this just doesn't measure up too much other than being a watchable flick. Oh well. Bring on X-men 3, I guess.

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