Monday, June 5

Finger-licking Good

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From Gerry Alanguilan, comics extraordinaire and creator of Wasted and tons of cool grafiction comes Elmer, a truly unique local comic in these days of generic superheroes and manga rip-offs. What is Elmer all about?

ELMER is a window into an alternate Earth where chickens have suddenly acquired the intelligence and consciousness of humans, where they consider themselves a race no different than whites, browns or blacks, and push to recognize rights for themselves as the newest members of the human race. It tells the story of a family of chickens who live and struggle to survive in a suddenly complicated, dangerous and yet beautiful world.
ELMER is published through Komikero Publishing and Alamat Comics, and will run a projected 4 issues. First issue is 32 pages. 5.5"X8.5" Color covers, black and white interiors.
Elmer is now available in Comic Quest Megamall, Comics Odyssey Robinson's Place Malate and Druid's Keep in Magallanes. For a look, go visit Gerry's Komikero Website.

I've yet to read this, but I'll be sure to grab a copy once I get to pass by CQ. As a lover of fried chicken myself, this is sure to be an interesting read...

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