Monday, September 25

Not So Final

Most of us Final Fantasy VII fans have probably watched and re-watched Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and gone back to our everyday lives, happy and secure that Cloud Strife has found peace and Aerith is alive and well in the Afterlife. We can finally close the book one this chapter of our videogame lives, right? WRONG. At the recently-held Tokyo Game Show, Sony has revealed a NEW itineration of the popular CG movie.
Called Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, this 'director's cut' version will be released on Sony's new Blu-ray format and have additional scenes. What scenes, you may ask? Well, so far only one has been reported, that of big baddie Sephiroth stabbing Cloud through the chest with his Masamune and hoisting Emo-boy overhead like a gutted fish. Will there be other scenes? There probably will, but I really don't think the story will be significantly different.
Still, completists will probably want to invest in a PS3 or a Blu-ray player to see the next Final Fantasy flick. Articles indicate FFVII ACC will be due out next year. Enough time to save the centavos, I guess.

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