Thursday, February 22



Okay. I got to read Civil War #7 last night and my first reaction was... WTF?

WHERE did those guys come from?? Heroes clashing left and right, people getting their HEADS caved in, power blasts flaring all around and a bunch of police and firemen appear out of nowhere to save Tony Stark's butt? EH? Man, after 9/11 these firemen and police are just stepping up to the fore, aren't they? Pretty hokey to me but what the heck. The art in the issue was consistent and cool, though I was kinda disappointed that the visual in the previous post was actually the cover, and not an interior panel. All in all a satsfactory end to the Civil War storyline- not exactly the slam-bang ending I would have wanted, but it'll do.

That said, the new status quo is intriguing and I guess there was really no way to go aside from here. I can only hope it translates well to future issues.

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