Tuesday, April 17

Comics Workshop

I've been invited by some students from Ateneo University to conduct a series of Comic Book Creation Seminars/Workshops through the summer. It's been a while since I spoke before people to share my comic experiences, so I readily agreed with the understanding that I could only give time during weekends given that I have a day job. Well, apparently the workshops will be pushing through on Saturdays, and will likely include myself, Elbert Or and Carl Vergara as speakers to hopefully help give prospective comic book creators and manga-kas in Ateneo a start in the fickle world of local comics and publishing.

Exact details are still a bit murky, as well as what exactly we have to work with- like, how many students will be coming, what they already know and what they expect to get out of this thing... all I know is that the venue will probably be at the Katipunan area, which is fine since it's just a stone's throw away from The Sanctum. I'll most probably stay up late cramming to do some visual aids and slides before the week is over.

This should be fun. Heh.

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