Tuesday, May 22

The Golden Compass

Here's the first official trailer to The Golden Compass, the first in the series of fantasy novels entitled His Dark Materials by British author Philip Pullman. I haven't read the books, but apparently this is set in a fantastic alternate reality where people have familiars called daemons and magic coexists with technology in a beautiful, Jules Vern-esque world- albeit with dangerous secrets hidden in the trappings. It's all about a girl named Lyra who is entrusted with, well, a Golden Compass which leads her on a dangerous but epic adventure.
There are big names in the cast, including Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coultier, the movie's glamorous villainess. Also on board are the leads from Casino Royale- Daniel Craig plays Lord Asriel, Lyra's uncle and master adventurer, while Eva Green plays a gorgeous witch queen.

So far the visuals look fantastic and may just be worth the price of admission just for the art direction. Hopefully the story is awesome and the adaptation watchable for the big screen. It's still a ways off- December 2007 is the stated date. Till then, take a gander at the Youtube trailer and let your imagination fly.

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