Monday, July 16

Preview: Ninja Girl KO

It's only a couple of months away from the next Komikon, and I have to say, sadly, that the big K.I.A. book won't make it. Even so, I am planning to have something to show off during the Kon; a mini-anthology comic, nothing fancy (probably photocopied, ashcan-size). I'll talk more about this when it's more solid (Read: When I've started drawing the pages). On the other hand, if things go well, a project I am involved with WILL be at the Kon... and it's pretty slick.

I am of course talking about Mangaholix Presents, which will feature Ninja Girl KO!, which I wrote and created, with art by manga artist extraordinaire, Kriss Sison. With luck (crossing fingers!!!), the Kon will see Michiko Yamashita's debut issue released. Hope, hope!

Here are a couple of colored preview pages from Chapter One of Ninja Girl KO!

Michiko Yamashita gets lunch.

Anton walks cheerfully into trouble.

Mangaholix is a proudly-Pinoy made manga-style comic-zine featuring slick stories like the Engkanto comedy-adventure Aporia, Street Fighter meets Ocean's Eleven Midknighters, Sci-fi superhero action with the band Kala in Pulis Pangkalawakan and the fantasy adventure Kraust. Issues can be found in National Bookstore and magazine stores everywhere in the Metro.

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