Monday, July 30


Last week, we shot a promo commercial featuring a gaggle of beautiful young ladies. TV shoots are a bit hard for me; they usually consist of me having to get up extra-early in the morning since the grind usually begins as early as possible in the day. Still, getting fetched and driven from your door right to the shooting venue and back home afterwards is pretty nice. Also, we usually are served like kings (well, maybe more like lesser nobles) while on the shoot, with food and drinks aplenty readied just for you. Our particular production house for this shoot, Unitel, is known for their yummy food catering, and this time the goodies I will really remember are the unique preparations of leche flan and Braso de Mercedes (served swimming in syrup with fruits) and a particularly nice dinner with Chicken Pastel and LOVELY mashed potatoes on the last shooting day.

It's desserts like these that make it all worth it...

But of course, it was still work and we basically sat there the whole day pouring over this or that take and shot, being consulted for this and that and so on. After two days, it was nice to end the job at the start of the weekend. This week, we get to see the editing and finishings before the ad goes on the air in a week or so. On to the next ad, then!


ipsy said...

HRH should savour this treatment ;-) where i am, not all production houses work that way. with some, only clients are treated like nobility. but with others, we get lucky and are treated well. pero hatid sundo...unheard of kung local shoot.

how are you, dimaans?


Hi, Ipsy! Well, I'm doing well naman. Actually, better than well. ^_^ I'm happy at my current agency- it's a mix of routine and challenge, and I am able to do the stuff I want in my free time (though free time is often hard to come by sometimes). But the fact that I still have a life and interests outside of work bodes well. In any case, I've been here at The Salt Mines for almost 4 years- my longest in an Agency so far. So that must mean something.
Kamusta ka na rin, Ips? Si Joey David nga, I told her about you and she said siya nga yun. Haha! I'm sure you're doing great there. Sana you could come home once in a while. Anyways, please feel free to comment and mail away. I'm always listening and reading. ^_^