Friday, October 26

More Killing to Come

Afro Samurai, the GONZO-made anime featured on Spike TV about a revenge-driven warrior voiced by actor Samuel Jackson, will be having a second season. The further adventures of Afro, according to creator Takashi Okazaki, will have the current Number One Warrior 'losing his way' and 'getting tired of killing'. Events will eventually wake Afro up to the true destiny and meaning of being the world's top warrior and bearer of the Number One Headband he shed so much blood for last season. Also mentioned, Afro's adversary this time will be an 'alluring' female warrior- since, according to Okazaki, seduction and violence are musts for the US audience.

Well. I certainly didn't expect this. While I found Afro Samurai watchable, I didn't find it particularly likeable. On the other hand, with a hot enemy babe on the horizon instead of scabby old men, this may just be the season where the makers get things RIGHT. Also, giving Afro more of a meaning to his exploits rather than just self-serving revenge may make him a more appealing hero. We'll see... the next season of Afro Samurai is set for sometime in 2008.

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