Tuesday, November 6

Empowered 2

Emp and friends return!

A pleasant surprise greeted me when I came home tonight... my copy of Adam Warren's Empowered 2 arrived today! Like the first issue of this black-and-white graphic novel anthology, I had to order it from Amazon since local comic stores were unable to acquire it for me. The second compilation of short stories about the misadventures of Empowered or Emp for short, a C-grade superheroine with self-esteem issues and an extremely destructible and exposing super-suit brings more R-rated bondage and cheesecake, along with pages and pages of Warren's luscious pencil art. The sophomore volume also supposedly delves deeper into the other members of the cast aside from Emp herself, including her thuggish but unerringly chivalrous and supportive boyfriend/mercenary Thugboy, her hard-drinking gal pal Ninjette and the guys and gals of Emp's super-team, the Super Homeys.

I wonder how many people in this country have this book? I'm pretty sure there are lots of Adam Warren fans around, and it's certainly his best work so far. It just takes a lot more effort to grab this book, making it one of my more valuable comics as yet. I'll be sure to give it a read-through as soon as possible and bump it up to the head of my horrendously long overdue list of unread comics... Sigh.

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