Friday, November 16


The local news once again got me wishing my Vanishing Ray was real. A day ago, a man went into a Court building in Las Pinas and gunned down his own wife, whom he had some altercation with, and her female lawyer who tried to get in his way. The bastard was caught in his own house today, showing apparently no remorse at all for his deed.

The Supreme Court washed their hands of the matter, saying that it wasn't their fault since they're not given enough budget to provide adequate security in court buildings.

So what... anyone can walk into the courtroom and gun down anyone who files a case against them now? I mean, no death penalty anyway so why not?

What an amazing country we have. Government officials zip around in multiple luxury cars and own vast mansions, and we can't even afford proper protection for our courts.

WHAT THE FUCK. Fucking broken shit this country is. FEH.

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