Friday, February 8


So, Apple has gone and announced hardware upgrades for their most popular gadgets- mostly involving memory. The iPhone will soon be sporting a 16 GB variant, while the iPod Touch will be getting a 32 GB edition.

Which gets me thinking... WHY NOT A 32 GB iPhone right off the bat?

Once again, more of Apple doling out little updates, teasing, manipulating and prodding the masses. Even now, forums and blogs are already filled with gripes aplenty, with iPhone owners angry at Apple for 'planned obsolescence' of their tech toys and other crap. In a way, it's valid, but in any case- come on. That iPhone in your hand is still the amazing, gorgeous device that you fell in love with months ago. An upgrade of double the memory is hardly earth-shattering.

Am I interested? More memory is always great, but I won't even consider upgrading unless the new 16 GB iphone has been jailbroken wide open for apps, custom wallpapers and other goodies that I am enjoying right now. But really, I probably won't upgrade- not unless something bad happens to my phone like it getting (knock on wood) stolen or destroyed or whatever. No sale, Steve Jobs. At least, not now. Or anytime soon.

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