Wednesday, May 7

Mangaholix Presents Issue 5 Cover

Ninja Cover Girl KO!

As of this writing, Mangaholix Presents #4 is already available in comic book stores and branches of National Bookstore, Power Books and Fully Booked all over the Metro, so get your copy now (and a copy of issues 1 to 3 if you haven't gotten them already)! But even better, Mangaholix Presents #5 will be heading to shelves in a couple of weeks time as well! The coming Issue 5 will, as seen above, have my very own Ninja Girl KO! as the cover story, with the ever-gorgeous art of Kriss Sison. Goodness Willing, we'll have a straight flush of Mangaholix Issues 1 to 5 on sale and available at the upcoming M3Con at the end of the month. WOOHOO!!!

Man, I can't wait. And I don't even have my copy of Issue 4 yet, darn it. Gotta head for the mall soon, I guess.


Xave said...

Head to the mall?? Drop by the studio for your free copy man! It's your title!

gregor said...

Hahaha! Yeah but I'm glad to help the book along. ^_^ The Mangaholix studio is also pretty far away from me so I might as well just buy from the nearest mall...