Monday, June 30

Malicious (Translation: Wrong Footwear)

About a month ago, I found myself stricken with impaired mobility. My back hurt, no doubt due to sitting in a chair all day at The Salt Mines, but a new pain had developed with my legs. To be exact, the joints that linked my legs to my torso. Moving my legs was excruciatingly painful, and it made things as simple as getting up from bed hard as hell. Walking was punctuated with pain in every step (although minor), and I found myself limping most of the time. It reached a point where I was taking painkiller medicine on a daily basis. What was going on?

After weeks of this crap, I finally found the cause. Frickin' SHOES. I found that the shoes I had taken to wearing a lot- a pair of moccasins, had very slick soles that apparently made walking in them difficult due to the fact that I was slipping every which way on anything even slightly polished. And so, in places like malls or buildings where floor tiles are regularly smoothened, it was like I was walking on slick ice everytime. Apparently this improper way of walking all developed into that long-term pain in my leg joints.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I bought a new pair of sneakers, and have been wearing them since. After a while, the pain eased and left, and hasn't been back since... and not a single pill. So I guess that was it. You really can't take things for granted, and it's so easy to ignore something that's underneath your feet. I'll just have to take these things in to account more. Man, I was pill-popping like a rock star or football champion... minus the big bucks. Glad to finally be getting back to working order.

Now, I wonder what's causing that third arm to sprout from my knee..?

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