Wednesday, December 31

One Last Look: 2008

T'was the Year of the Superhero Movie. After tons of disappointing drivel like Superman Returns, 2008 saw some of the best comic-to-film translations yet. Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight have laid the foundation for superhero films to rise even higher and greater than before. With X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Watchmen looming, I can't wait to see comic book movies can accomplish.

T'was the Year of Sequels both crappy and cool. Rambo was bloody awesome, while Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was... not.

T'was the Year of Big Endings. This year saw the end of one of the best animated series I have ever seen, with the closing of Avatar: The Last Airbender. 60 Episodes of Awesomeness culminated in a finale that truly lived up to expectations. Metal Gear Solid 4 came after years of waiting, and finished the Saga of Solid Snake in a big, big way. Metal Gear may continue on without him, but Snake will live on forever. SNNNAAAAAAAAAAKKKKEEE!!!

T'was the Year of the Apple Gadgets. My first-gen iPhone lasted me well into the third quarter of the year, and it's actually still around (with Mom). But I wasn't Apple-less at any point; I use a Macbook Pro at work, I bought an iMac for use at home, and eventually topped it all off with a 2nd Gen iPod Touch. What's next? If a spiffier, cooler Apple device arrives next year, I'll surely be on the lookout.

T'was the Year of the Game. This was the time that I really knew I am a gamer through and through, and I probably will be until the day I die. Gaming has never been as awesome as it is these days, with HDTVs and HiDef making the experience truly a feast for the senses. I can't wait to see what great games and titles are in store in 2009.

T'was the Year of Jet-setting! Yeah, in less than a month's time, I found myself in another country twice in 2008. First in Bangkok, Thailand, and then a couple of weeks later in Taiwan. It was for work, but man, staying in posh hotels and living it up was damn fun.

T'was the Year of Overtime! Let me say this- I don't think I ever went home with the sun in the sky in 2008. Pitches kept me busy day after day, week after week. But despite it all, it just made time move fast and I enjoy a challenge. Better yet, I think we won more pitches this year than any before, so it was all worth it. Work won't be any easier next year, but what the heck... it's a living.

T'was the Year of the Ninja Girl! And hopefully, with Mangaholix and Kriss Sison behind her, Michiko Yamashita will continue to adventure on in 2009.

It was an interesting year, but I have to say... I'm glad it's over. Onwards into 2009!

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