Sunday, May 15

Cooling Off

As if in answer to the heat, my college buds came around in the afternoon and we went off to enjoy the free climate controlled temp of the mall. We headed off to Greenhills and walked around, eyeing this and that. In particular I bought some anime- the first couple of episodes of some of GONZO's latest- the supernatural ninja action series Basilik and the sci-fi vampire-fighting title Trinity Blood. Also got myself pretty much the whole Tenjo Tenge anime, from the TV series to the OAV follow up. On the gaming side, I got a couple of new titles- Jade Empire is a martial arts-based action rpg from the creators of KOTOR, while Brothers in Arms is a World War II simulation that puts you in command of a squad of US soldiers out to take back Europe from the Nazis one street at a time.

Lots of stuff to watch and play with... when I get time to enjoy them, though. The night should end with pizza and soda (no chicharon though), winding down with some TV and perhaps getting started on an article I have to write for work. Oh well.

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