Thursday, May 19


It's been a long time since my last food post, so here goes.

A couple of night ago, I left the office at about 10 PM. I still haven't had dinner and I was craving a meal at KFC. I remembered that there was a newly-opened outlet just across the street from the building, so I made a beeline for it after getting off.

I made my order. A two-piece meal with rolls, chocolate mousse dessert and a sandwich.

I was damn hungry, and you have to understand that people are at their most impatient when they're hungry.

When I looked at my meal, I was pretty pissed that both pieces of chicken I got were wings. Now, I love wings- they're delicious, but you don't get your money's worth from two wings. I stared at the little gravy dish and it had cold gravy that didn't even fill half the little dish.

Then my sandwich was delayed for an unreasonable amount of time.

So it was that I was really pissed and mouthing my dismay at the waiter, who just replied 'Sorry sir, di ko alam. Bago ako eh", and he just walked off. This was pretty much the same thing with the cashier/waittress who just stammered out a reply when I questioned about the pieces/delay with my sandwich.

Frickin' irritaing.

So they're all new. So it's a new branch. It's no excuse. You train your crew well or you will get flack for it.

It's just good for KFC that I damn love their chicken. But their service sucks, even in their more-established branches. If only their chicken wasn't so damn good, their gravy so tasty, their stuff so guilty pleasurably delicious.

Damn I'm hungry. I want a KFC. Damn it.

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