Wednesday, January 24

Blizzard at the Box Office

For those who play PC RPGs, the name Blizzard is synonymous with addictive, epic gaming. Responsible for hits like Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft, Blizzard is actually the reason why I got my first computer (I wanted to play Diablo 2. Another thing the company is known for is their incredible CG cinematics which usually bookend their games, lavish and obviously big budget mini-movies that set the tone and mood for the countless hours of gameplay ahead. These CG movies have been so good that many fans have wondered, will Blizzard ever actually do a full-length movie?

Well, apparently they ARE. Well, that's according to one preview where a Blizzard producer goes on record saying that they are indeed working on a movie project (live-action though) that fans of their games will no doubt recognize and get excited about. Most probably the first film will be based on the present focus of Blizzard's efforts, the MMO World of Warcraft, which is currently enjoying mobs of players crowd the servers with the recent release of WOW's expansion, The Burning Crusade. Perhaps once the hubbub over the actual game has sorta died down, we'll be hearing more about the Blizzard movie. Maybe. Probably. And hopefully it won't suck. Expect it to burn into cinemas by next year or so.

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