Tuesday, January 23

Recognizing Avatar

Despite the great fanbase and fanatical devotion of fans to Avatar: The Last Airbender, I actually find it quite irritating that the series is lambasted a lot by misguided folk who more often than not probably haven't even seen an episode. These cretins mostly see the show as crap simply because (A) it's from Nickelodeon and (B) it has anime influences, making it an obvious 'Anime Rip-off'. Poor fools.

Well, it's great for me to see that at least in the entertainment black market known as Ain't It Cool, Avatar has actually found recognition from one of the writers, who after watching the second season DVD has remarked that the show is 'smartly written' with a continuing story that's going somewhere, and monumental action.

Recognize, people. Avatar is the best animated show (I would say best show, PERIOD) out right now on US Television and it just deserves to be seen. Find the episodes, watch it and get enthralled by this awesome series. Now, when is that darn Third Season coming out???

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