Saturday, March 17

The Sounds of Gaming

8-Bit Tunes in Orchestral Sound.

How much have videogames grown from their humble beginnings? These days, the videogame industry makes more money than Hollywood, and the origins of the gaming world are currently the topic of Discovery Channel's I, Videogame series. Here's another way of showing how the kids of yesterday are now today's adults and videogames are part and parcel of their being. Here's a nice video of the Videogames Live Orchestra, which plays classic videogame music as part of their repertoire. Nice stuff!

Marvelous pianist Martin Leung performs a beautiful medley of the music from Final Fantasy.

Metal Gear Solid's epic score gets the Orchestral treatment.

Super Mario Brothers!!!


Vin said...

Aieee! I've gone color blind! It should be red- but everything is suddenly blue!

Hehehe, Hi Marco! :)


Nagkaroon ng kaunting identity crisis, pero naayos na ni Cyn. :)