Tuesday, March 20

The New Face of MADness

You may be wondering what was going on for the past day or so, as the blog seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis. Well, it turns out that my old page's layout wasn't compatible with the new Blogger, which basically restricted access to my archives. So, rather than lose classic posts like The Ants in the Scanner and 10 Ways to Creating Your Own Manga, I screamed for help from Webmistress Cyn to get things working properly. Hence, the new look.

Now, looking back at more than five years of entries, I got to thinking of how to get back the old MADness that has in one way or another got kinda watered down. Starting now, I'll be trying my darndnest to get back the old MAD blogging flave. Stay tuned till then. For now though, thanks Cyn! I missed that burning sensation in my eyes when reading my blog. Heh.

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