Thursday, May 3


My copy of Adam Warren's Empowered arrived today! I had to order it from the other side of the world from Amazon, but it was worth it. Muhahahaha! So... what can I say about it? It's BIG. Not just in thickness (it's about 225 pages)- it's about a third wider/higher than your usual GN from TokyoPop or Viz. Not exactly a pocketbook or a li'l novel. Still, it's nice and thick and comfy. Oh, and still snug like a bug in a rug in it's plastic cover. No, I haven't opened it yet... I'll save the pleasure of reading it over the weekend or something, perhaps even bring it to the weekend's Comic Workshop to show off. Or maybe not. Muhahaha!

Empowered Corrupts. Muhahaha! Empowered Corrupts Empoweredly. MUHAHAHAHA!!!

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