Tuesday, May 1

Things I've noticed after starting to watch Heroes...

I love the comic book-style Chapter Titles.

Hey! It's the guy from Alias! And he's with the girl from Carnivale!

I've gotten the somewhat odd tendency to say out loud "Heroes. Created by Tim Kring." at the start of every episode.

Is it just me or is Claire's power really Healing or actually CHRONIC ACCIDENT PRONENESS?

"Purple Girl" looks just like Donna Cruz. While Nathan looks like a cartoony George Clooney. Mohinder reminds me of Sayid from Lost. Sylar reminds me of an evil Brandon Routh. Peter looks like Little Nicky.

The scene where Nathan really cuts loose made me laugh in amazement.

If I had to choose, I'd want Hiro's power.

Nikki is hot.

After 16 episodes straight, I'm still raring to watch on and on and on. I think I've found my live-action equivalent to Avatar.

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