Wednesday, September 12

Heavy Metal

Marvel's latest war machine at the theaters.

The Iron Man teaser trailer just hit recently online, and I must say, as a non-fan of the comic or the character (especially after the Civil War event), that I am interested. For one thing, Robert Downey, Jr. makes a pretty smarmy and cool Tony Stark, which is great- it's nice to see him as the good guy. He gets the alcoholic part down pat, at least. I'm actually kinda less convinced and iffy with the actual Iron Man stuff- it certainly looks CG at this point; hopefully they fix this up to look better in the final film. The next, full trailer should give more a sense of what the whole story is, who the real enemy will be for this Marvel Comics adventure. This should be good, but then I find myself thinking about DC's Steel movie with Shaquille O'Neil... Yikes! Crossing fingers then. Anyways, this is set for May 2008. A lot of time to shine things to the fullest.


Jamie said...

The Iron Man suit in the photo you posted is not CG. It's an actual, practical suit created by Stan Winston. The only CG elements were the flying scenes.


Interesting, Jamie! But then, the flying scenes are indeed what I found iffy. This looks pretty slick in any case. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this one. ^_^