Thursday, January 10

The Force is strong with Soulcalibur IV

Here's another one of those gaming news that's just too mainstream-pertinent and big to just leave at The Lone Gamer. The currently-ongoing CES 2008 showcases all the latest developments in games and gear, and is the place that Namco-Bandai chose to showcase their latest Soulcalibur IV trailer. Well, the new spot doesn't so much show new gameplay or storyline elements as it does the much-hyped surprise guest characters who will be appearing in the hack-and-slash one-on-one fighter. Well, the cat's out of the bag.

Soon after the sound of harsh, mechanical breathing was heard, another sound- that of my jaw hitting the floor- rang out. Darth Vader is in Soulcalibur IV. DARTH-FREAKIN' VADER. And Yoda too. Unfreakin' believable.

Not all is sweet and potatoes though- as of right now, while you can match lightsabres against magical metal weapons, apparently you can't pit Jedi against Sith since Vader will be exclusive to the PS3 ('cause it's black) and Yoda an Xbox360-only character (since he's green). That kinda sucks, but maybe downloadable content can change that eventually or something.

Rumor has it that perhaps the two master Jedi aren't the only Lucas Arts characters getting injected into Namco's slasher- there certainly is a huge menagerie of Jedi and Sith to use, though I have to say wouldn't this kinda make SCIV a Star Wars game and not a Soulcalibur game? Kinda like how the Final Fantasy characters stole the show from the cast of Ehrgeiz. But still, having maybe Darth Maul in the game would be damn cool.

Anyway, Soulcalibur IV's been given a release date of Summer 2008 (which resultantly gives Tekken 6 for the PS3 a release window of after that) for the PS3 and Xbox360. Gadzooks!


Jeremy said...

AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! that is AWESOME. [but WHY can't they be in the same game?!]

Samuel said...

i'm suddenly interested in SC4. this draws me in more than the skimpy outfits and the bewbage.

btw man, you bought a VSHG? i'm an arcade stick collector/modder/builder, tell me if you want to trade it. i'm willing to give you something better. like maybe a modded HRAP. xD


Unfortunately, while I did try to buy a Virtua Stick High Grade (I actually paid for it already), Sega dropped the ball and had defects in their first wave, so there was a recall. Instead of waiting indefinitely for one, I just got the HRAP3 Stick. You can buy a VSHG from Play-Asia now, I think.

Samuel said...

how much did shipping cost you? (for both sticks)

the HRAP3 is pretty sweet too, except for the hori buttons. i modded my HRAP1 v1 because i can't stand hori buttons and it was really beat up when i got it. stupid mirror top :(

oh btw, why didn't you get a HRAP1 / 2 and get a PS3 adapter for that instead? that would have made your stick a lot more flexible compatibility-wise.

i'm sure you've already figured, but i post as "Ix" on your chatterbox. :D


Hello! Shipping was about 600+ or so, I think... I always use FedEx, para mabilis. Ako lang yun, I picked Hrap3 simply because it was the latest, and I'm not really one to use converters and such at baka di pa mag-work. And I'm not really someone who knows a lot about flexibility and compatibility- my Hrap3 is actually my first stick. First real accessory, actually, since I love fighters and the PS3 is gonna get a ton of them later this year... ^_^

Samuel said...

i see... i mentioned it because getting a PS2 stick + Ps3 converter is almost like buying another stick for 500 pesos. :D converters are real cash-savers IMO.

if you ever want it modded/fixed, just hit me up on YM or something. check out my deviantart, too, you might find some of it interesting. (mostly sticks...)

Samuel said...

wow, i'm dumb. forgot the dev art link.