Thursday, January 10

Hunting Season 2008

I love Ghost Hunters, and thankfully the creepy fun of following TAPS (The Atlanta Paranormal Society) will continue this year. Even better, the successful creepy-reality drama is expanding overseas with Ghost Hunters International, a spin-off set in Europe and other countries with long-time TAPS members like Brian and Donna heading up the new show.
What's next, Ghost Hunters Asia? Nope (at least, not yet). The next frontier is... the FINAL Frontier. Yep, UFO Hunters is the latest show from the creators of Ghost Hunters, and will follow a pair of UFO experts from the NY-SPI (New York Strange Phenomenon Investigators) as they investigate otherworldy experiences and other close encounters.

Man, this is great. It kinda makes me miss Nginiig!, that old local spookshow... don't miss the bad teen star hosts and the overly-melodramatic storylines and celebrity-possession-of-the-week though. Oh well.

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