Friday, April 15

Angel Ace JET

The next Angel Ace story I'll be working on publishing will be entitled Angel Ace JET. As the story goes, Angela Gale aka Angel Ace has been staying at Mike's place in Newhaven. Things are just peachy for the adventurer-fugitive-turned-everyday girl-next-door. Well, that is, until the pizza guy comes in with a salami special laced with plastique. It soon turns out that The Sorcerer is back and he's aching for revenge against those who put him in the slammer several months ago. And when the masked menace finds out that Angel is still alive, he ups the ante and brings in some heavy artillery to take down the Flying Princess once and for all.

This is a much more action-packed story than anything else, and will show off Angel's skills fighting in the air against multiple enemies. It was pretty cool drawing this the first time around at least a year ago, since I've never really drawn Angel doing aerial battle sequences until that time. Good thing that the pencils have grown well- I'll have to touch up several pages, but I think I can use most of the art for the release.

With K.I.A. looking like it's selling well (which is good for the book's price), I'll start working seriously on JET probably starting May. Things go well, we should be seeing the book come out later this year or early in 2006. Yep, Angel's gonna fly again... and then some.

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