Thursday, April 14

To Market! Market!

Doing lunch at China Star.

Today, the denizens of the Salt Mines threw off their yoke and hied off to the sunny land that is Market! Market! I've heard a lot of things about this huge mall complex, particularly about how jologs it is. Well, imagine my surprise to see a nice, roomy and fun-looking place with lots of places to eat and have fun. I'd love to get a chance to really explore the location- perhaps when I take a break or something. But for now, it was just fun to enjoy an office-sponsored lunch (celebrating our favorite suit-person Neenu) and then to make an ocular inspection of places to put ads. Still, afterwards I felt really sleepy after gorging myself on dimsum, hot-and-sour soup, stewed pork, tofu and shrimp. Darn, that was good.
Of course, the fun didn't last and soon the overlords had us marching back to work. Oh well. It was great while it lasted. Heh.

The wildlife here is pretty interesting... AAAAHH! MY ARM!!!

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