Sunday, February 12

Birthday Bash

Last night, the gang got together to celebrate the birthday of Jaime Bautista. The Nautilus head honcho and creator of Cast invited us all over to dine on pasta and KFC at his posh pad, which was a veritable display of cool action figures. There were cabinets filled with tons of great toys, but of course all of us could easily notice which hero really had Jaime's heart- Iron Man! The Geek in all of us surfaced when we all got to grab and try on for size a life-size Iron Man helmet (yeah, as Andrew would say, we were alll reeking of geeking at that point).
Anyway, the night was pretty cool with good food and good gossip and conversation before the party adjourned just after midnight. Coolness, Jaime! Let's do it again next year.

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