Sunday, February 12

Third Time's the Charm

I got to Comic Quest yesterday to grab my copy of Trese #3, but was told it was sold out. I had to buy the display issue, but it was worth it. Hey Budj, time to restock. Heh.

Trese is the supernatural/crime comic series by Budjette Tan and Ka-Jo Baldisimo. In the third issue entitled "Our Secret Constellation", Alexandra Trese is hot on the trail of a mysterious killer with unearthly powers... perhaps even more power than the supernatural investigator and her formidable henchmen, the Kambal, can handle.

I have to say, the idea and plot twist in this issue made me quietly go, "Whoa."

A ballsy story and a great homage rolled into one. My only gripe is that this story could have been longer, perhaps with more pages to thresh out the action which is a bit truncated. This story deserved more detail to the content. Heck, it could have been a 'Trese: The Movie' issue.

That aside, this is the best story yet in Budj and Ka-Jo's works, and a must-read for indie and local comic enthusiasts/readers. For a preview, you can check out Budjette's blog for the comic, here. Copies of the issues are available at Comic Quest Megamall.

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