Saturday, February 25

RAW Tour

I'm really disappointed that I wasn't able to watch the WWE Raw Tour in Manila. According to some posts online and reports from fans on some popular wrestling sites, the show was a roaring success.
The Filipino crowd lives up to the hospitality of our race, and the audience cheered or gave 'pops' to all the performers, whether they were 'faces' (good guys) or 'heels'(bad guys). The biggest applause of the nights went to current WWE Champion John Cena despite some local boys joining in on the 'Hate Cena' fad going about. Also cheered greatly was funny, bushy-haired heel Carlito and his opponent, returning superstar Rob Van Dam who impressed all with supposedly the best moves of the night.
Another superstar to totally impress was Triple H, who despite being probably the nearest thing to the devil himself among the WWE's heels, made big impressions with his presence and attitude. A pleasant surprise of the tour was that the first night was apparently immortal superstar Rick Flair's birthday, which was celebrated by the audience singing, a cake being brought out by the lovely WWE Divas and a tribute to the 16-time World Champion by his best friend, Triple H.

Darn, I wish I was there. But then, I think that the ones who would really enjoy the show are the ones who could afford the ringside seats (which apparently cost about 10K a seat- YIKES). Still, it would have been great to join in big chants and stuff. Oh well. Anyway, I'll make sure to be present the next time the WWE returns to Manila, whether it's Raw or Smackdown. WOOO!

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