Monday, February 20

Upgrade Complete

Yesterday I finally went the big step and finished the other half of my home PC upgrade. Several months ago I turned my old PIII into a Pentium 4-powered beast. After that, my once-gargantuan 80 Gig-Hard Drive turned into a barely-usable 30+ Gig HD, for some reason. Well, with me doing video conversions and captures all the time, space is a big priority. So I hied off to Greenhills and got the remaining stuff to make my PC a viable tool again- a 200 Gig Hard Drive, new 64mb Video Card and a spiffy new case.
As always though, having your computer put together by hacks at the Computer Shop eventually results in things not working once we get it home and me having to fly in my tech support team (Andrew and Pot) to help me get things into working order. Well, it took us the whole evening but now, my Windows XP PC is looking and working fine.
Aside from all the work and effort, it cost me quite a bit too, all the day's expenditures costing me about 12K (that includes several Hellsing tpbs which I got instead of a DVD Drive... Heheh). Anyway, this should be worth it. I'm hopefully gonna do a lot of stuff with this baby. Yep. Till the next upgrade!

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