Monday, February 20

Ready for Battle

Recently, a couple of cool images have popped up online as Arnold Arre gets closer and closer to releasing his latest comic/graphic novel work. Entitled Andiong Agimat, this darker, grittier story from the author/creator of Mythology Class, Trip to Tagaytay and After Eden takes on the quest of the titular hero and other characters as they try to rescue someone from the grimy fingers of a menacing Metropolis. I've seen images which seem to refer to this story on Arnold's site, and it looks pretty cool- lots of dirty, polluted scenery populated by harsh, punkish characters with cyberpunk or pseudo-future designs. Of course, the heroes though are Pinoy through and through. It's been remarked that Agimat is very much distant from Arn's previous stories... I can't wait to see and review the finished book (waiting for my copy, Arnold! Hehe).
Andiong Agimat is set for an April 2006 release. Wait for it.

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