Tuesday, January 9

Eye Candy Dispenser

In case you didn't take the time to read through the entire previous post/novella, here's the short version. I was able to save a bundle of money last year since I stopped going out Saturdays, so I bought a kick-ass HD-ready LCD TV. Unfortunately, I had to go through the proverbial wringer before I got it. But all's well that ends well. It'll take time to get used to the functions and fix up how my whole setup will settle in (I'll have to wait for the PS3 before setting things permanently). But right now, I'm feeling tingly all over. I tested several Xbox360 games and seeing them in HD resolution in widescreen pretty much got me giggling like a school girl. Can't wait to see PS3 graphics on this monster.

The Home Theater setup (DVD, speakers, sub-woofer) is pretty sweet too... the player has some regional limitations, which disallows me from playing ANY of my original LOTR DVDs (Damn), but it does play DIVX files, which is awesome since I've got a ton of those ready for playing.

All the coolest game consoles, a DSL connection and now an HDTV. Okay, all I need is a cache of rations and ammo, and I never need leave The Sanctum ever again. HOHO!

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