Wednesday, January 10


The Next Big Thing?

Apple has no doubt rocked the online world today with their announcement on their website of their upcoming new iPhone. A slim, sleek and oh, so gorgeous-looking combination of iPod Video/Touchscreen Phone/Internet Browser/Pocket Mac, without a doubt this gadget already has Mac addicts all over salivating. With almost exclusive touchscreen operation, the iPhone's fascia looks quite minimal and elegant (much like the iPod). There will be hi-tech features up the wazoo in the thing, and it will come with the Mac OSX to get things moving. As for storage space, there won't be a 30 or 60 GB iPhone out just yet... the phone will come with a Nano-esque 4 or 8 GB storage capacity for your videos, music, photos and files.

Am I interested? To be honest, I am. It's a gorgeous-looking device, and Apple makes great gear. But basically, it does things I already enjoy on my own Pocket PC phone right now, only with the Apple style and flourish. And of course, the Ooh Aah factor. I have to admit, I'll probably queu up along with the Mac Addicts for this one, when it becomes available.

Which won't be for a while... the phone's slated for release in US/Europe in late 2007, while Asia gets it 2008. So there's more than enough time to start saving up. You can check out the phone, it's specs and capabilities at the Apple Website.

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