Thursday, January 11

May 'K'

When I first heard about the much-talked about Krispy Kreme donut shop finally opening its doors in the Philippines, I was excited to say the least. I've been hearing of the delicious, addictive hole-pastries for years, from friends who've actually tasted the things in the US to movies. Gonuts Donuts was touted as being a 'Filipinized' version of the original KK, though for a while I was actually sated with the substitute. Anyway, it took me several weeks but I finally got my chance to grab a couple of boxes.
I made my way to the Megamall branch, and despite it being several weeks open, the store is still serving lines of customers who take out boxes of the sweet donuts. I got a dozen of the 'nuts, two boxes with 6 glazed and 6 of other variants.

The basic Glazed Donut.

So, how was it? Was it all that? Did it cause me to hallucinate heavenly visions ala Cooking Master Boy? Well, nope. But I have to say, my first bite of the basic glazed donut was impressive. The dough was soft and chewy, the donut light, slightly spongy and sweet with the light layer of glaze. Compared to Gonuts Donuts, the glazed donut of Krispy Kreme tastes better, but is also a lot lighter. Another donut, a chocolate iced donut with custard filling, was good but a bit too sweet (the local Bavarian or Boston Creme is preferable). I stopped eating after the second... have to stop...

Small, spongy and light. A bit too small and too light for the 30-peso price. But darn, it does taste pretty good.

Well, at about 30+ pesos per donut, a Krispy Kreme is pretty pricey- perhaps the priciest donut yet, and it's not that big or filling. It tastes so good though, I could probably quaff six glazed donuts before realizing what I had done in horror.

Anyway, I was just happy to finally taste the popular pastry. I won't be buying this regularly... perhaps a box of glazed donuts every month or a bunch of assorted do's to the occasional party would be swell.

Well, with that over, it's time to move onto other things. So, when is Whitecastle coming to Manila? Eh?

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