Sunday, February 4

Avatar: Escape from the Spirit World


While Avatar fans all over the world wait with eager anticipation of Season 3, the producers of the Nicktoons mystical martial arts adventure have come up with a fun little way of bridging the gap between the disastrous end of Season 2 to the next chapter of Aang's adventures.
Avatar: Escape from the Spirit World is an online animated webcomic which tells the story of what happens to Aang after he gets fried by Princess Azula at the end of Crossroads of Destiny. Apparently, as many fans have feared, Aang's near-death experience (or probably actual death, if not for Katara's intervention) caused his former lives to scatter to the ends of the earth, denying him the use of the Avatar State (his version of the Tactical Nuke) and trapping him in the Spirit World.
In the intro to the comic, Aang is greeted by Princess Yue, the lovely Water Tribe royal from Season 1. She tells him that he must find four of his former lives and speak to them in order to become whole again. But to do so, he will cross paths with the evil Koh, the Face Stealer, an old enemy. Of course, what can the young Avatar do but go and take the challenge head on...

With some neat flash animations and simple games, the webcomic takes viewers into the world of Avatar again in these short but sweet chapters, which reveal more info behind Aang's mysterious past personas. The first chapter focuses of Avatar Roku, the Firebending Avatar who was Aang's last life. The next chapter deals with Avatar Kyoshi, the towering female Earthbender. Nick will release the rest of the chapters in succeeding weekends.

It's pretty cool and any Avatar fan should take a look at the Avatar Escape site. All you need to do is sign up for a Nick 'nickname' and you're off. Still not a substitute for Season 3, but I'll take it. Heh.

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