Tuesday, February 6

Ready to Rumble

Virtua Fighter 5 is OUT! The Asian and Japanese PS3 versions of Sega's latest and greatest started shipping out today from online stores like NCS and Play-Asia today, though lucky bastards in Hong Kong have apparently been playing it since Friday. Of course, this irks me to no end as I've seen one guy post a vid on Youtube of VF5 and he knows NOTHING about it. No meaning to him. Probably just picked it up because the box art is nice. GAH! I SHOULD HAVE THE GAME. I SHOULD HAVE IT NOW.

Well anyway, my copy is, as I write this, on the way. Unless anything horribly goes wrong, I should be playing it tomorrow evening. It's still a bit of a wait (isang tulog na lang) but I guess I'll just have to cope... at least I have it better than gamers in Europe, who have to wait possibly until JUNE before they get their VF5. Ouch! So expect a full review soon once I log in the hours on what is perhaps THE game for me this year.

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