Wednesday, February 7

It Came from Comicspace

One of the coolest things to happen lately in comics, at least online-wise, is Comicspace. It's like Myspace, but for Comics Creators/Writers and Illustrators. So now, us people with weird pictures and stories running around in our heads now have a place to compare notes, make friends and recently, show off our comics!

I've had My Comicspace Page up for a while, but until recently all it had was a short summary of who I am and a small friends list. With the addition of a Comics Gallery, I have now uploaded a couple of comics- a K.I.A. story and issue one of Kunoichi Boy! Nothing horribly new though- that'll come later. But for now, it's a great start for the webcomic presence I've been planning for a while.

Check out my page here. Be my Comics Friend! Heheh.

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