Thursday, September 6


The Book of Fire, the third season of the Mega-popular and critically-acclaimed animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, is still set to debut this coming September 21 (just shy of two weeks from now!). The first episode, entitled "Awakenings", literally finds Aang waking up from his coma after his life-threatening battle underneath Ba Sing Se. He awakens on board a captured Fire Nation vessel and learns from his friends Katara, Sokka and their father, Hakoda, the events that led to their current plan to infltrate the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, on the other side of the equation, Zuko finally makes his way home, dreading the possibility of being rejected once more by his father, the Fire Lord.

With a tidal wave of anticipation and hype for Season 3 from the legions of Avatar fans, Nickelodeon seems to be dead set on steamrolling the series forward. New episodes will regularly debut after the first Season 3 episode, and will be quickly available for download or viewing in iTunes or online Turbonick. Plans are already in motion for the live-action Avatar movies, and the Season 2 DVD Collection will come with a video feature about director M. Night Shaymalan and his plans for the film adaptations.

Just a couple more weeks before the most anticipated cartoon series ever continues. Wait for it, people. Wait for it.

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Vin said...

Yahoooo! I can't wait! :)