Monday, September 3

Mummy Dearest

Hey, here's news about the next Mummy film. I really loved the first one, was meh on the second and totally wish the third 'sequel' never existed (not even my fondness for The Rock or Kelly Hu could save that stinker). But this one sounds kinda nice. The information is from director Rob Cohen, who takes over the reins from Stephen Sommers.

The story goes like this. In ancient China, a despotic emperor played by Jet Li and his army are cursed by a sorceress (played by Michelle Yeoh) to remain in terra cotta form for all time. Of course, curses have a way of having loopholes, so we know they won't stay statues for long. Fast forward to 1946. Returning heroes Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Maria Bello takes over for Rachel Weisz) O'Connell are now retired in England, having served as spies for the allies during the war. SInce they're bored out of their heads, they decide to accept one last mission to return a stolen artifact to the Shanghai Museum.
Meanwhile, over in the somewhat unstable Chinese mainland, Jonathan (John Hannah) has set up an Egyptian-themed bar. Rick and Evy's son, the now-grownup Alex O'Connell (Luke Ford) has followed his parents' footsteps and has just discovered the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. A beautiful female assassin tries to kill him in order to keep the location a secret, but the younger O'Connell persists. Eventually, the Emperor's monument is transported back to Shanghai where the main plot engages as a military zealot intends to awaken the undead tyrant in order to conquer all of China.

According to Cohen, the movie will have the mummy-fighting family reunited as high adventure ensues. Lots of cliffhanger stunts, avalanches, a trek to the HImalayas and encounters with yetis, big battles, a three-headed dragon (!) and a shape-shifting Jet Li too!

Okay, it all sounds awesome but darn- the Mummy Returns also sounded and looked awesome. But then again, maybe another director will succeed where Sommers turned out to be too heavy handed and clumsy. I'm wondering if Ardeth Bey (Oded Fehr) will somehow make an appearance. Hmm. Anyways, the movie is set for release in mid-2008. A ways off, but something pulp-action and CG fans should look forward to.

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