Thursday, September 6

The Touch

Nope, not the iPhone.

This isn't about that horrible, horrible Michelle Yeoh-starrer female Indy Jones martial arts snorer... it's all about the latest from Apple, the iPod Touch. That's it up there, the iPhone-like device that looks slicker than a puddle of black gold. Basically an iPhone without the phone, it's THE video iPod everyone has been speculating about. Touchscreen, hi-res 320x480 screen that's perfect for watching widescreen movies on... and it comes with WiFi websurfing as well! It's the total entertainment package, and a dream come true. It leads the pack of new iPods just introduced by Apple, which includes the video-capable iPod Nano and the iPod Classic.

But then you find your dreams dashed when you find out about the crappy fact that the Touch comes only in 8 GB and 16 GB storage capacities. WTF??! Apple finally coughs up the TRUE iPod video and they can't even give it a decent amount of storage space? The first video capable iPods had at LEAST 30 or 60 Gigs, and went even better with 80 (the newly released/announced iPod Classic tops it all at 160 Gigs). But come on... 16 Gigs??! What the HELL is that about?

Podcasts and TV shows alone will fill this up to capacity and beyond. That's without music (which a decent collection will at least have at least 4 Gigs), and full movies go upwards of 700 MB to 1.5 Gigs each. This is simply absurd! Yeah, yeah, you can swap in movies easily but come on- if the video-capable 5th and 5.5 Gen iPods had Hard Drives, why not this one? Especially since it's really a video device? Being able to drop in all your stuff and have that luxury of choice- to watch what you want, when you want since you have it all with you- that's one of the best things about iPods.

I'm hoping Apple gets their thinking in sync and fix this up right straight. Certainly an iPod Touch with a proper hard drive might be a bit thicker, but it will definitely be THE portable media player to have. For now though, I'm thankful that Apple flubbed it. Makes me enjoy my iPod all the more for now.

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Charles said...

I think the problem is that it's using flash drive technology instead of hard drive technology, hence the lack of storage space. 16 GB is actually stretching it based on current technology (not impossible but not feasable... so far the largest flash drive hard drive is 40 GB I think).