Thursday, January 24

Me and Manikako

Here's me at the waiting area of The Salt Mines with a peculiar visitor. It's an oversized Manikako, a doll made from old clothing. It's the mascot of the Non-Government Organization/Movement of the same name- Manikako, which has recently been started. The goal of Manikako is all about getting people to donate their old clothes and cloth scraps so they can be used in a program of workshops to teach poor kids how to make their own Manikako dolls. And hopefully, they can make a living out of this cute new handicraft. Or at least make their own big, saggy companion like this big, droopy fellow sitting to me. You can find Manikako donation boxes in selected malls and locations like The Podium, RCBC Plaza in Makati and in UP Diliman.

Oh, and I'm the one on the LEFT.

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ipsy said...

you look alike ;-)