Wednesday, January 23

Haunted Europe

I've watched the first two episodes of the Ghost Hunters spin-off show, Ghost Hunters International, thanks to the wonders of the web. Basically, it's the same format as the parent show- a team of paranormal investigators enter a suspected haunted location, set up their cameras, recorders and other equipment, and then go a-prodding and a-prowling for the things that go bump in the night.

So far, the show is all right... though I have to say that much of what I liked, or felt familiar with, in the original show were the strong personalities and character of the two lead investigators, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Here, we have a new team leader, Robb Demarest, followed by a bunch of familiar faces from the first show (Donna La Croix, Andy Andrews and Brian "Run, Dude!" Harnois, as well as recurring European comrade Barry Fitzgerald. For the most part, the show has the same vibe, albeit it's lighter on the personal elements and character interaction that the first show had- these will probably build up or develop as the show goes on.

As for the investigations themselves, the first couple of episodes took up the aptly-named Chillingham Castle in England, Mary King's Close in Scotland, the Lucedio Abbey in Italy and the Nanteos Mansion in Wales. They're all suitably creepy and steeped in history. So far, no big catches on video, but several chilling EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) have been picked up. The investigators are a varied lot- Brian is his usual, entertaining self; Donna seems to be the perpetual beacon for entities to approach, while Andy seems to be a lot more competent and active this time around. Barry is, with his heavy accent, quite interesting to watch, particularly when he speaks Latin to try and draw out some responses from the Euro-spooks.

While I like GHI, I'm hoping that TAPS returns soon with more episodes based in Haunted America as well. But it's all well and good. I never get tired of creepy fun.

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