Wednesday, January 23

Mag-Avatar Muna Tayo!

Nickelodeon Avatar Magazines. MINE!

Thanks to my cousin Jeremy (THANKS, JEREMY!!!), I finally got copies of the two released Nickelodeon Avatar the Last Airbender Specials. Each issue is chock-ful of Avatar goodies, including articles and fun sections, artwork and news about the episodes and the final season. But of course the best parts of the mags are the Avatar comics, drawn by brilliant artists who truly capture the look and feel of the show- that fill in the gaps between the events shown in the episodes. So finally, I know now how the Water Tribes captured the Fire Nation ship they had in "The Awakening", how Zuko and Mai hooked up prior to "The Beach" and learned what got the Earth King to go off to wander the world as a humble man. Cool stuff!

Thanks again, Jeremy! The Avatar fan in me is PLEAS-ED. Hoho!


Jeremy said...

glad they got to you in one piece! aren't they AWESOME? anyways, i also posted clips from the 2003 Siglo Freedom launch on my Youtube page - enjoy!


Coolness, Jeremy! Thanks again for the mags! They're just awesome. I'll check out your YT page later! ^_^