Tuesday, June 26

Reel, Real and Unreal

If you are familiar with the live-action, testosterone-charged male soap opera that is the WWE, you'll probably have heard about the recent 'death' of Vince McMahon, via an apparent car bomb that exploded the WWE Chairman's limo... with him in it. This Sopranos-like demise (which was more Sopranos-like than the actual Sopranos finale) is, for the information of those unfortunate few who need some grey matter exercise, a WORK. Faux. It's the WWE's answer to the 'Who shot Mr. Burns' storyline from The Simpsons. Unfortunately, it seems that this big storyline now has to be put on hold, or even scrapped entirely given the most recent and tragic loss to hit the WWE.

Former WCW and WWE champion Chris Benoit was found dead with his wife Nancy and their 7-year old son Daniel in their home, the cause of death as yet unknown, but it has been ruled that it was a double murder-suicide. Things are still sketchy, but this just blows my mind.

Tonight's edition of Raw, which was supposed to continue the Who Killed Vince storyline, has been cancelled, giving way to a three-hour tribute to the late Superstar. According to news, Vince himself announced news of the tragedy to the gathered wrestlers and crew. Waiting fans outside the venue were told to go home and the wrestlers were allowed to leave the building and mourn the loss of a colleague, friend and wrestling icon.

Known as 'The Rabid Wolverine', Benoit was unequalled in his passion, dedication and work ethic in the WWE. The high point in his career was a couple of years ago, when he became the WWE Heavyweight Champion alongside his friend, Eddie Guerrero, who had also won the title of WWE Champion. Tragically, Guerrero would pass away shortly after. Now, Benoit is gone as well.
This news hit me like a ton of bricks today. Benoit was a great, great superstar and I truly enjoyed his reign as champion. He wasn't a big guy, so his 'underdog' image but bad-ass grappler style made him a favorite. His passing is a true tragedy. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues for this loss. I wish it wasn't true. I wish it was a work. But it seems to be real. Which makes it all the more unreal.

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