Friday, June 29


That's how I feel for the Transformers movie, which I'll be watching over the weekend. I've heard great things about this action-blockbuster, mostly about how awesome the action and special effects are, and how bad-ass the Autobots are compared to their TV cartoon incarnations. I was a pretty big fan of the original animated series right up to the animated Transformers movie, but I drifted away when the franchise took to weirder directions (like mechanical CG animals and worse, anime-style). I loved the old-school Prime-Megatron rivalry, Starscream's duplicity, Soundwave's menacing digital drawl and his menagerie of mini-monsters, the cool fights and big explosions. There were spotty, iffy moments, like that crappy ninja girl robot and the over-abundance of subgroups like the aerialbots, predacons and what the heck-ons that came after. But all in all, the Transformers hold a special place in my fanboy heart.

This weekend, perhaps on Sunday. We roll out. WOOHOO!

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