Monday, June 25

Kicking Back

In about a month, the Green Valley Country Club, where my parents have their Pro Shop (a service center for bowling), will close down for renovation. Actually, it's more of a rebuild as a new high rise will take the place of the aging recreation building. The estimated construction will take 2 years, so that pretty much spells the end of their present occupation.

I'm kind of worried... not really about the income, though, since I don't think we really rely too much on the sales/fees from the shop. The Pro Shop has seen better years... in fact, the last couple of years has seen my parents come home with little to no sales or profit. AND they still have an employee to give wages to. But I think it was more the fact that it gave them activity and something to do. A routine to follow, a job to keep you busy and active (even thought they pretty much only worked from late afternoon to evening). What happens when that disappears?

I'd like to think that it will be a good thing. My parents are both in their seventies or late, late sixties, and they've earned a relaxed retirement. It would be better for them to just stay home instead of hieing off to the club four or five times a week for little profit. My mom has her barkada and friends to keep her occupied. I'm actually thinking maybe she could start catering and selling her awesome spaghetti. But my Dad- he's got no visible hobbies or interests that I can discern. No activity or challenge means you age faster, so I really want him to have something when he finally retires. Perhaps a pet? A nice little dog (small so my Mom won't be bothered). Or maybe an aquarium to maintain?

I don't know the answer, but hopefully it will present itself soon. One month.


Andrew Drilon said...

It's true. A regular activity of some sort is vital to keeping a person young.
Not to mention it helps alleviate boredom.
A pet sounds like a good idea. A dog will have the added benefit of making him go outside to walk it.
Or comics? Hehehe What if you could get your dad into collecting/reading comics? That would give you an extra bonding experience with him. :)


I'm thinking something like a beagle or a mini-pinscher. Since these dogs are expensive, I'd probably need to ask them first if they want to go through with it. We'll just have to see, I guess. :)

Budjette said...

When Brandie made me bring home the cat that he named Legaspi (which my mom renamed Leggy), it gave my mom something to take care of.

She talks to the cat like he was teen-age boy: "O, ano?! Lalabas ka na naman?! At kung sino-sino kasama mo? Pag uwi mo puro sugat ka na naman at ang dumi-dumi mo."



Hahaha! I hope my Dad gets into the dog I give him at least half as much as your Mom did. If ever. :)